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A Candle Holder Can Be Used To Create Cheap Centerpieces

You can use a candle holder to create a cheap centerpiece. Even inexpensive candle holders add sparkle and ambience to a setting. Use this ability to your benefit by creating centerpieces featuring inexpensive candle holders.Burkedecor has different types of candle holder for more information about candle holder click here

You can begin your project by finding the cheapest glass vase cylinders that you can. All that you really need is a simple class cylinder into which you can set a tea light, votive, or pillar candle. You can go fancier if you wish by ch
oosing a hurricane style candle holder for your centerpiece.

Now, once you have chosen your glass cylinder, you may choose various ways to decorate it. If you want a colored light or if you prefer diffused white light, you can attach glass appliqués to the outside of the cylinder with strong epoxy. If you use opaque appliqués, the result will be a romantic diffused white light shining from your candle centerpiece. If you choose colored appliqués, the candlelight will set the mood based upon the color that you have chosen.

You can further outfit your candle holder centerpiece by adding additional decoration such as faux holly leaves and foliage for a Christmas centerpiece. Many people set the candle holder amid an arrangement of silk, dried, or live flowers; a setting such as this might be appropriate for a wedding. You can set your candle holder amid a collection of seashells if you are creating a centerpiece for a beach setting. Decorators will often set a candle holder amid a bed of stone or glass pebbles to create a centerpiece with decorative flair.

There is really quite a lot you can do to create a decorative centerpiece that will add intimacy and or a special theme to your table setting using little more that an inexpensive candle holder and some decorative panache.

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